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scummvm [OPTIONS] GAME

Short Long Description
-v --version Display ScummVM version information and exit
-h --help Display a brief help text and exit
-z --list-games Display list of supported games and exit
-t --list-targets Display list of configured targets and exit
-c --config=CONFIG Use alternate configuration file
-p --path=PATH Path to where the game is installed
-x --save-slot[=NUM] Save game slot to load (default: autosave)
-f --fullscreen Force full-screen mode
-F --no-fullscreen Force windowed mode
-g --gfx-mode=MODE Select graphics scaler (see also Graphic filters)
--gui-theme=THEME Select GUI theme (default, modern, classic)
--themepath=PATH Path to where GUI themes are stored
--list-themes Display list of all usable GUI themes
-e --music-driver=MODE Select music driver (see also Music drivers)
-q --language=LANG Select language (see also section TODO)
-m --music-volume=NUM Set the music volume, 0-255 (default: 192)
-s --sfx-volume=NUM Set the sfx volume, 0-255 (default: 192)
-r --speech-volume=NUM Set the voice volume, 0-255 (default: 192)
--midi-gain=NUM Set the gain for MIDI playback, 0-1000 (default:100) (only supported by some MIDI drivers: see Music drivers)
-n --subtitles Enable subtitles (use with games that have voice)
-b --boot-param=NUM Pass number to the boot script (boot param)
-d --debuglevel=NUM Set debug verbosity level
--debugflags=FLAGS Enables engine specific debug flags (separated by commas)
-u --dump-scripts Enable script dumping if a directory called 'dumps' exists in the current directory
--cdrom=NUM CD drive to play CD audio from (default: 0 = first drive)
--joystick[=NUM] Enable joystick input (default: 0 = first joystick)
--platform=WORD Specify platform of game (allowed values: 2gs, 3do, acorn, amiga, atari, c64, fmtowns, mac, nes, pc, segacd, windows)
--savepath=PATH Path to where savegames are stored
--extrapath=PATH Extra path to additional game data
--soundfont=FILE Select the SoundFont for MIDI playback (only supported by some MIDI drivers: see Music drivers)
--multi-midi Enable combination of AdLib and native MIDI (see Music drivers)
--native-mt32 True Roland MT-32 (disable GM emulation) (see Music drivers)
--enable-gs Enable Roland GS mode for MIDI playback (see Music drivers)
--output-rate=RATE Select output sample rate in Hz (e.g. 22050) (see Output sample rate)
--opl-driver=DRIVER Select AdLib (OPL) emulator (db, mame)
--aspect-ratio Enable aspect ratio correction (see Graphics settings)
--render-mode=MODE Enable additional render modes (see Render Modes)
--alt-intro Use alternative intro for CD versions of Beneath a Steel Sky and Flight of the Amazon Queen
--copy-protection Enable copy protection in SCUMM games, when ScummVM disables it by default. See the Copy protection section.
--talkspeed=NUM Set talk speed for SCUMM games
--demo-mode Start demo mode of Maniac Mansion or The 7th Guest
--tempo=NUM Set music tempo (in percent, 50-200) for SCUMM games (default: 100)

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