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Taskbar / Dock

Ever tried right-clicking (or control-clicking) your ScummVM icon? On supported desktop systems, ScummVM will add extra information such as shortcuts to your last played games.

You can also display your currently running game next to the ScummVM icon. Just add an image to your iconspath or extrapath with one of the following names:

  • <configid>.png (the ID shown in the Edit Game window)
  • <engineid>-<gameid>.png (the generic IDs for the engine and the game)
  • <gameid>.png

On Windows, these must be ICO files instead.


To show your ScummVM status you need to add it to your Discord client via User Settings > Game Activity > Add it! while ScummVM is running. As of 2.2.0, ScummVM will also show the currently running game icon and description on your profile.

Developers need to add icons for the appropriate games via the Discord Developer Portal, local files aren't used. The images must be at least 512x512px with the format <engineid>-<gameid>. For more details see the Rich Presence API.