User Manual/Appendix: Render modes

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Render Modes

For most games this will have no impact. For some of the older games that could be played on different systems / graphics cards, this control allows us to decide which system we want ScummVM to reproduce. The options are:

Maniac Mansion with <default> render mode
  • <default> (which tries to choose the most sensible option)

Maniac Mansion with Hercules Green render mode
  • Hercules Green

Maniac Mansion with Hercules Amber render mode
  • Hercules Amber

Maniac Mansion with CGA render mode
  • CGA (4 colors)

Maniac Mansion with EGA render mode
  • EGA (16 colors)

Maniac Mansion with Amiga render mode
  • Amiga (32 colors)

To select a render mode from the command line, use the '--render-mode' option (see Command line options), e.g.:

scummvm --render-mode=CGA maniac