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This page contains a list of known Wetlands releases. Almost all of these release were tested and they should work properly. If you find an unsupported or an untested release, please open an issue or contact us.

North American releases

  • Original US release (big box)
  • UK release (big box)
  • Gamer's choice (big box, artwork available at GOG)
  • Aztech media game bundle (jewel case?) UNTESTED
  • Hard Boiled Action 1 DVD release UNTESTED

Spanish releases

All these have text and voices in Spanish.

  • First edition (big box) UNTESTED
  • Planeta Agostini release (big box)

French releases

All these have manual, text and voices in French.

  • First edition (big box)

Dutch releases

Only the manual is translated to Dutch, the rest is in English.

  • Ubisoft Classiques (jewel case)

German releases

Only the manual is translated to German, the rest is in English.

  • First edition (big box)
  • TeWi release (jewel case)
  • PC Action Plus release (jewel case)

Korean releases

Text and subtitles in Korean, with English voices:

  • First edition.

Digital releases

Only English voices/text is available.

  • Ziggurat interactive (Steam and GOG)

Russian releases

Several releases, but no information on them. UNTESTED