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Engine developer GSoC student (to be completed)
Companies that used it Dead:Code Software
Games that use it Dozens of games
Date added to ScummVM Error: Invalid time.
First release containing it N/A

The Wintermute Engine is a set of software tools and a runtime interpreter (game engine) primarily designed for creating and running graphical adventure games. The full engine is open-source (on demand), as well as some of the tools. The lead developer rewrote the runtime interpreter to make it a bit portable in 2011, for the 2D part of the engine only.

This engine is part of the GSoC ideas we are using for GSoC 2012. Adding this engine would add support to more than fifty 2D games, would give the users a nice way to create games supported by ScummVM, and would bring to Dead::Code the portability they are dreaming of.



For technical info, contact sev or strangerke

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