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Wintermute games can be created using the WME Development kit, however there are a few things to consider:

  • The reference implementation is the original WME-engine, any deviations from behaviour there in ScummVM is a bug, or a feature we won't implement (i.e. 3D). So test your game with the original engine, and don't rely on ScummVM-specific bugs or behaviour.
  • The reference point for font-issues is how WME-lite does it, with the added detail that no system fonts (i.e. proper Arial) are available in ScummVM, thus you must either provide your own fonts, or accept our replacements for Arial etc (FreeSans), the best solution is to package your game with the fonts you use, but note that you MUST have the distribution rights for any fonts you treat this way, so either make them yourself, or use a freely distributale font from for instance FreeFont.