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See Wintermute Games for a list of the current state of the various games.

Main ToDo items

Bugs Also in the Original

In the following you will find a number of bugs which actually already occur when using the original interpreter / .EXE. That is, those errors are bugs in the games themselves, not in ScummVM. Still, we sometimes are able to implement workarounds, meaning ScummVM at times works better than the original ;).

Note that neither of these lists is complete.

Not Fixed

  • WME: Dirty Split - Dialog coming out of wrong character [Bug #6203]
  • WME: 1 1/2 Ritter - Graphical slider issues in sound options menu [Bug #6567]
  • WME: Rosemary - Sprite flaw on going upwards [Bug #6572]
  • WME: Add save thumbnails to Corrosion [Bug #11032]
  • WME: Some games are using same fonts for selected and normal text [Bug #11287]


  • WME: Bickadoodle - Assertion on climbing the mountain [Bug #6594]
  • WME: The Kite - Overlapping bug [Bug #6721]

Missing Features

  • Plugins for various games
  • Keymapper support
  • 3D characters
  • Debugger

Various ToDo

  • Implement a way to warp to desired chapters without completing the games to reproduce some game-specific bugs
  • Implement script patches (like in SCI) for fixing original bugs (like, 1 1/2 Ritter slider) and accessing interesting dead code (like, debug screens bundled inside game packages)
  • Make a list of games using modified engines
  • Check if Farsi versions of games are working

Known Issues

  • Last letter of text lines is missing sometimes. Notable case: 1 1/2 Ritter - Menu font problem [Bug #11007]
  • WME: Engine doesn't use correct screenmode [Bug #11160]
  • WME: Theora player issues [Bug #6500]

Legacy ToDo List

Not sure if this is already fixed or not. Need to look at this later.

  • Optimize UITiledImage
  • Use more than one dirty rect
  • Font-sizes are wrong enough to allow Dirty Split to draw text that is hidden in the original game (most visible on the coin-interface)
  • Alpha-masks for Theora-videos are broken on big-endian platforms

ToDo items for specific games

Known Issues for FoxTail

  • selection arrow in dialogues menus seems to be drawn a pixel off comparing to original game (need more testing with different FoxTail versions)
  • text in books contains extra '^' character at the beginning of some paragraphs (incorrect split? some kind of specially added control character?)
  • saveload progress bar is not drawn under overlay (I need to learn how to deal with dirtyrects to fix this)
  • savegame description encoding seems to be wrong for some reason for Russian (may be caused by changing encoding during the game)

Known Issues for Rosemary

Known Issues for Ghost in the Sheet

  • WME: Ghost in the Sheet - Freeze of final cutscenes [Bug #6533]

Known Issues for Rhiannon

  • WME: Rhiannon - Animation freeze of the final outtro [Bug #6569]

Known Issues for Vsevolod

  • WME: Vsevolod (DEMO) - Assertion in Intro [Bug #6612]
  • WME: Vsevolod (DEMO) - Assertion on taking the dagger [Bug #6613]
  • WME: Vsevolod (DEMO) - Font too big(?) [Bug #6634]

Known Issues for 5MA

  • WME: 5MA - wasps animation is too slow [Bug #6649]

Known Issues for White Chamber

  • WME: white chamber - bot flickers when changing directions [Bug #6652]
  • WME: white chamber - slow scrolling [Bug #6653]

Known Issues for The Kite

  • WME: The Kite - Script runtime errors [Bug #6722]

Known Issues for Helga Deep in Trouble

  • WME: Helga Deep in Trouble - Graphic mistake [Bug #9683]

Known Issues for The Shine of a Star

  • WME: The Shine of a Star - Problems at shovel puzzle scene [Bug #9720]