Zork Nemesis

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Zork Nemesis
First release 1996
Also known as
Developed by Zombie Studios, Activision
Published by Activision
Distributed by Activision
Platforms DOS, MacOS, Windows
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine ZVision
Support Since ScummVM 1.8.0
Available for

Zork Nemesis is the second point-and-click graphic adventure game in the Zork series. The player's predecessor, Agent Karlok Bivotar, is rumored to have been a victim of a curse put on the Forbidden Lands by a being known only as "Nemesis". Vice Regent Syovar the Strong tasks the player with journeying to the Forbidden Lands to investigate the rumor, as well as the disappearance of four prominent citizens known as "The Alchemists".

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