Full Throttle

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Full Throttle
First release 1995
Also known as FT
Developed by LucasArts
Published by BraSoft, Creative Labs,
LucasArts, Softgold
Distributed by Activision, BraSoft,
Creative Labs,
CTO, HomeSoft,
Licomp Empik Multimedia,
LucasArts, Metro Games,
Virgin Interactive
Platforms DOS, Macintosh, Windows
Resolution 320x200, 256 colors
Engine SCUMM
Support Since ScummVM 0.2.0
The Remastered version
is not supported.
Available for

Full Throttle was the tenth game to use the SCUMM scripting language. The game follows a biker named Ben, as he uncovers a plot of murder that threatens to damage himself, his gang, and his very way of life. If you think this description is a bit short, wait till you see the game.


Full Throttle was released in several different versions.

  • The SCUMM V7 versions (DOS, Macintosh, and Windows)
  • The Remastered version (based on the VGA DOS version with high-resolution assets laid over the original V7 script data).

The high-resolution data ("modern" mode) in the Remastered version is not supported by ScummVM. It is possible to extract the files of the V6 VGA DOS CD (English) version ("classic" mode) and make them playable via ScummVM. The process is performed using DoubleFine Explorer. Do note that by using this method, only the classic mode of Full Throttle is playable in ScummVM.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.


  • Full Throttle Data

Macintosh Demo

  • Full Throttle Demo Data


  • FT.LA0
  • FT.LA1
  • DATA folder, EXCEPT files:
  • VIDEO folder, EXCEPT files:
    • BLINK2.SAN
    • BLINK3.SAN
    • FI.TRS
    • FI_14.SAN

Note: For the case of extracting the classic version from the Remastered one, the DATA and VIDEO folders that were dumped directly within the target folder for the extraction, as well as the DATA and VIDEO folders under the "EN" subfolder, are required to be copied (and merged) under the "classic\en" subfolder. In order to then add the game, please point ScummVM to the "classic\en" folder.

PC Demo

  • ft.000
  • ft.001
  • monster.sou
  • DATA folder, EXCEPT files:
    • benbike.nut
    • harlrev.sad
    • laser2.sad
    • liftbord.san
    • liftchay.san
    • liftgog.san
    • lidtsaw.san
    • roadrash.nut
    • roadrsh2.nut
    • smushcut.txt
  • VIDEO folder, EXCEPT files:
    • barkdog.san
    • bed.nut
    • bigfoot.nut
    • blackfrm.nut
    • blink.nut
    • blink2.nut
    • blink3.nut
    • burstdog.san
    • crash.nut
    • cvramp.san
    • demogogg.san
    • dodge.nut
    • face-6.nut
    • finsushi.san
    • fire.nut
    • fishgogg.nut
    • focus.nut
    • fucus-5.nut
    • goggles.nut
    • limopan.nut
    • peelout.nut
    • riding.nut,
    • takeoff.san
    • test.san
    • vision.san

Default controls

To change these controls, use the Keymaps tab in the global or game-specific settings. For more information, see the user documentation

Hotkey Description
Ctrl + 0-9 Loads saved game
Alt + 0-9 Saves game
Crtl + Alt + d Starts the debugger
Crtl + f Toggles fast mode on/off
Crtl + g Toggles really REALLY fast mode on/off
Crtl + t Switches between 'Speech only', 'Speech and Subtitles' and 'Subtitles only'
Tilde ~ Shows/hides the debugging console
[ and ] Changes music volume down/up
- and + Changes text speed slower/faster
F5 Displays the save/load window
Alt + F5 Displays the original save/load window, if the game has one.
Space Pauses
Period . Skips current line of text in some games
Enter Simulates left mouse button click
Tab Simulates right mouse button click

Boot Params

For more information on using boot params, see the Boot Params wiki page.

Target: ft.

Param Description
193 The Chrysler demo.
194 Chrysler demo, pt. 2
195 Chrysler demo, roadrash
196 Chrysler demo, pt. 3
197 Chrysler demo, pt. 4
200 just after the opening (dumpster)
210 ride out from barfront
222 melonweed intro (Tim's version)
242 Melonweed: meet Miranda.
300 just after the roadrash (mo-cu) (Steve's version)
333 After whackin Todd
353 simulate CES demo (gas-gate)
360 open gate (gas-gate)
361 Get Gas (gastower)
361 Gas-Run (gastower)
370 get in junkyard (junkgate)
380 Junkyard interior
399 the fixed bike showcase!
400 Corley's murder
401 Testing Ben's riding in and out of kickstand
444 After murder, back at Kickstand
446 In bar with badge
450 After murder, testing night sequence of rooms
495 Arriving at Mink Ranch (daed si luap)
496 Enter ranch from highway9
500 Ben rides into caveturn to get ramp
500 Ben rides into caveroad to get ramp
505 Ben rides into cavemesa to get ramp
509 scold n&b wipeout
510 ben has the goggles & is pursued
530 Messing with Emmet's load.
535 Messing with Emmet's load.
545 Messing with Emmet's load.
546 Messing with Emmet's load.
550 Test mineroad
551 Test Mineroad with goggles
552 enter dustspill from vista
556 The real cavefish hijacking scene
575 Talk to Father Torque on the mineroad
580 Return to vista with ramp
585 Jump the Mighty Poyahoga!
600 arrive at corville
650 souvenier stand
660 Ben arrives at the minefield
661 Ben arrives at the big-door
662 Ben arrives at the vultures
666 the Vultures' hideout
670 Looking at the Photos
680 demo derby intro
690 a test of the demo-derby
700 Inside shot of the derby car
797 Ben and mo blow up
798 Squish that firefly...
799 The arena burns
800 Ben returns after the demolition derby
840 Ripburger's speech to the shareholders
850 Corley's will
900 Finale: Intro
910 Finale: On the bumper
920 Finale: Hopping on fuel lines
930 Finale: In the cargo plane
940 Finale: Kill Ripburger!
950 Finale: Finale
1150 funeral (*sniff* *sniff*)
1199 end credits
1200 bunny attack

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