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Welcome to the ScummVM wiki! If you’re looking for information about a game, you’ve come to the right place! Have a look at the Games section in the sidebar, or search for a game. If you’re a current or future developer, check out the Developers section for valuable information about how to contribute. If you are looking for information about how to use ScummVM, including how to install ScummVM, how to add a game, or how to use the settings, see our user documentation.

Our project website provides the latest project news and helpful links to other resources.

Thanks for joining us, and stay in touch! Post on the forum, or chat with us on our Discord server or the IRC channel #scummvm on




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  • ScummVM Tools, how to use the ScummVM Tools package
  • How to guides, contains links to various how-to pages
  • Glossary, an index of definitions for various common terms and acronyms
  • Summer of Code, page describing ScummVM Google Summer of Code participation
  • Season of Docs, page describing ScummVM Google Season of Docs participation

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