Mission Supernova

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Mission Supernova
No Screenshot Available
First release 1994
Also known as N/A
Developed by Thomas & Steffen Dingel
Published by Thomas & Steffen Dingel
Distributed by Thomas & Steffen Dingel
Platforms DOS
Resolution 320x200, 256 colors
Engine Supernova
Support Since ScummVM 2.1.0
Available for
The full game can be
legally downloaded from
the developer web site

Mission Supernova is a freeware (previously shareware) science fiction adventure game in German in two parts where the second originally had to be purchased:

  • Teil 1: Das Schicksal des Horst Hummel
  • Teil 2: Der Doppelgänger


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

Mission Supernova Part 1:

  • msn_data.000 to msn_data.055
  • msn.doc
  • msn.inf

Mission Supernova Part 2:

  • ms2_data.000 to ms2_data.056
  • ms2.doc
  • ms2.inf


The following shortcuts can be used in game:

  • Ctrl+F5 to show the ScummVM menu and load/save the game. In ScummVM 2.2.0, F5 can also be used without the Ctrl key.
  • Alt+x to quit the game.
  • F1 to display the help.
  • F2 to display the game manual.
  • F3 to display the game info (they are a bit obsolete though!).
  • F4 to change the text speed.

Use the left mouse button click:

  • On a verb in the verb bar to select a verb. The default selected verb is Go.
  • On an object or person to apply the select verb.

Use the right mouse button click to perform the default action:

  • On a door, Open/Close the door.
  • On a button, Push the button.
  • On a person, Talk.
  • Otherwise, Look.

Improved mode

When playing the game with ScummVM you can play the game in the improved mode. It is on by default, but if you are a masochist who wants to experience the original frustrating experience you can turn it off in the Engine tab of the game settings.

The improved modes adds the following:

  • Keys 1 to 0 can be used to select a verb.
  • In the first part this performs automatically all the actions to go through the air lock after you have done it once manually.
  • In the second part the Go verb can be used in addition to the Push verb to move a tile in the block sliding puzzle. This means you can just do left mouse button clicks without having to select a verb each time.
  • In the second part the Go verb can be used in addition to the Push verb to push letter blocks on the wall for the secret door in the Pyramid.


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