Quest for Glory IV

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Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness
First release 1993
Also known as Quest for Glory 4,
QfG 4
Developed by Sierra
Published by Sierra
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms MS-DOS, Windows
Resolution (unknown)
Engine SCI
Support Since ScummVM 2.1.0
Available for

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness is the fourth game in the Quest for Glory series. In this adventure/RPG hybrid, the hero is transported directly from his victory in Tarna to the dark caves in the distant land of Mordavia. The hero has no equipment and no idea why he has been sent here. He ultimately gets himself back into fighting shape, and is helped several times by a young woman named Katrina. He has to battle with several of his previous foes, and ultimately becomes part of a plot to summon a great power.


It is possible to import characters from past games to future games and continue from the stats earned from those games.

For example, a character can be imported from Quest for Glory I directly to Quest for Glory III without having to necessarily play Quest for Glory II. To use a saved character from the original Sierra interpreter, rename the character file to "qfg[game-number]-[character-filename].sav" (for example, qfg2-thief.sav)and place it in the ScummVM save path, otherwise the file won't get listed on the import screen.

Characters cannot be imported from future games to past games, nor can a character be imported to the same game that was just completed.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

WARNING: Unlike other games, SCI games have significant variation in the naming of required files.

They also can load supplementary files by resource maps, so it is recommended to keep all files in the game data directory from the CD.

Unless otherwise specified, do NOT remove any file from the directory, even if it does not appear on the following list, since this will likely cause weird bugs.

Copy all files to the game directory. Some games need additional work:

Floppy games with RESOURCE.p01, p02, etc. and/or RESOURCE.a01, a02, etc. files

  • Concatenate all RESOURCE.p0* files to RESOURCE.000 (e.g. copy /b RESOURCE.p0* RESOURCE.000 on Windows, or cat RESOURCE.p0* > RESOURCE.000 on *nix).
  • Concatenate all RESOURCE.a0* files to RESOURCE.AUD (e.g. copy /b RESOURCE.a0* RESOURCE.AUD on Windows, or cat RESOURCE.a0* > RESOURCE.AUD on *nix).

Games with multiple CDs

  • Directories that exist on multiple discs (e.g. ROBOT and VMD directories) must be merged together, not replaced.
  • Rename the RESOURCE.SFX from each CD to RESSFX.00<cdnumber>, and the RESOURCE.AUD from each CD to RESAUD.00<cdnumber>, to match the corresponding RESSCI.00<cdnumber> file that exists on each CD.
  • It should be safe to replace any other files from later CDs that were copied already from earlier CDs, except in Phantasmagoria 1

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