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Engine developer dreammaster, csnover, dafioram
Companies that used it The Digital Village
Games that use it Starship Titanic
Date added to ScummVM 2016-07-31
First release containing it 2.0

Original Bugfixes

  • Various bugs with items left hanging on-screen if used on the wrong objects have been fixed
  • Various other stability fixes

New Functionality

  • Support added for the mouse wheel to scroll through the inventory, remote icons, conversation log, etc.
  • Support for directional arrow keys to move the player in-game. Note: the Down arrow will only work when a view explicitly has a "back" cursor available.
  • Extra save slots available via the ScummVM GMM


  • The Indeo AVI videos used in the Titania closeup have some extra oddity that manifests as a faint line around their edges. Hopefully someone with more experience with this video format could look into it. It's only a minor display glitch in that one scene, so I consider it a nice to have fixed, rather than a must be.
  • The star map puzzle at the end of the game can take a wrong route through 3D space when locking onto a star. I, with help from others, have done the best we can decoding all the complicated 3D matrix calculations, but it would really need an experienced mathematician to look into it further and both fix the problem, as well as more properly document all the anonymous/unnamed code & variables in the engine's star_control/ folder. Again, this is considered merely a nice to have fixed and/or documented.

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