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Main ToDo items


  • Better game detection code. NAGI approach with inheritable settings seems to be nice. Direct MD5 approach will not always work, i.e. we have to have a good fallback, so zillions of fan-made games could work as is. (in progress ?). Fallback should be pretty simple, there are only two known versions of logic compiler (one old one outputs 2.440, all the current AGI Editors do 2.917).
  • Improve save/load management
  • Better objectify
  • Finish Apple IIgs sound support
  • Better compatibility. NAGI is known to be more stable


Amiga-Style Menu

From Sarien Bugs and requests

  • AGI256, Agi256-2 support (which games use them?) FR #558412
  • Amiga-style menus. FR #657645.
  • Hercules mode (?)
  • CGA RGB rendering mode FR #438410
  • Mac mono mode (?)
  • Finish Apple IIgs music support
  • MIDI music FR #439547

NAGI features

First thing to consider is that NAGI has X11 license.

  • Hercules fonts (suggestion is at Sarien FR #607641)
  • Generic AGI version detector
  • Check Tandy emulator
  • Apple II palette

Completely Wishful Thinking

  • Support for AGI v2.001 + v1 PC-Disk images (The biggest bar to entry is really working out how the executable knows where files 'map' to on disk, the fileformats are the same, so its just working out how the game knows Sector X, head Y, Track D is the start of File Q).