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List of all known bugs that occurred in the original versions.
Issues marked with * have been fixed in ScummVM.

Simon the Sorcerer 1

  • Slight crackle at end of sound effects or speech sometimes.
  • After talking to a person, looking at an item in area will sometimes make Simon say a response from that conversation. ie Looking at Geezer's items and then looking at statue
  • If the game is saved in the castle, while the paper is under door, the paper will be lost when the game is reloaded.
  • Looking at right side of Bucket in the garden of Sordid Tower causes graphic glitch and two wait timeouts.
  • When looking at middle of Puddle in garden of Sordid's Tower, Simon's mouth moves but no subtitles are shown.

Issues specific to the Multilingual version

  • Using the magical map, while in the dungeon, causes crash, due to missing string. *

Issues specific to the French version

  • Would sometimes cause the game to crash. ie during introduction. *
  • Some description strings in the console are too long and wrap around screen.
  • Several glitches occur when Simon talks to Golum about the stew. *

Issues specific to Spanish version

  • Long strings in subtitles would often causes crashes. *

Features which were altered in the Windows version

  • Part of the introduction and ending sequence was changed, Simon's room and Simon climbing ladder were moved to upper half of screen. *
  • Verb names were no longer shown in the console when a verb was selected. *

Simon the Sorcerer 2

  • Slight crackle at end of sound effects or speech sometimes.
  • Enabling or disabling background sound effects doesn't take effect until location is changed. *
  • Multi-track music files will stop playing if load/save dialog is left open.
  • Two Simon's are shown, if Simon is talking when the Secretary in Loan Office offers help.
  • Examining the tattoo leaflet outside McSwamplings, while the Swampling mascot is talking, will sometimes cause the game to completely lock up.
  • Briefly freezes when finding strange kid on the Island when using subtitles and F3 subtitle speed, just after Simon says 'It's HIM again'.
  • It is possible to complete the first part of the game, without getting the lollipop from the princess in the Castle, Simon will just pull the lollipop out of his hat.
  • The highlighting of saved game names is cut short, in any location that allows scrolling. Due to the x position of invertBox not been adjusted by _scrollX position. *

Issues specific to French verison

  • Long strings in subtitles would often causes crashes. *

Issues specific to the DOS Floppy versions

  • If the game is saved, right after Simon is thrown in the dungeon of Sordid's Fortress of Doom, the saved game fails to load correctly. When loading the saved game, the sequence of Simon waking is started, before the scene is actually reloaded, due to a script bug. *

Issues specific to the Windows version

  • Briefly freezes (When subtitles are enabled) when Pirate Captain is talking to Mate, at point where Pirate Captain asks if his idea is alright with the Mate, when Simon tries to escape. *
  • Briefly freezes after Simon talks to sleeping people in the Cafe on Island twice. *
  • The subtitles shown when Simon rides the Lion to the Goblin Camp have strange colors. *

The Feeble Files

  • If you take a picture of the Tourist in the Zoo, with the camera on maximum flash, run to the door and talk to the Tourist again (after returning the camera), a duplicate Tourist will occur.
  • The screen isn't scrolled far enough to the left side, after calling the repair man to fix the car, which causes a slight glitch as camera is adjusted before cutscene starts. *
  • If you use the Charisma X pills, walk past Molly in the Ministry, and then talk to Molly again, the previous conversation when walking past, will occur again.
  • If you listen to the conversation of the male in the Vid-Phone Booth near Dave's Space Bar, the conversation eventually stops, as he says 'See you soon, honey bunny". *
  • It is possible to combine the large circuit boards with any item in Oracle, when inside PEG or SAM at Aldoria Major. The loss of any of the large circuit boards causes the game not to be completable.

Issues specific to English 4CD version

  • Feeble walks in the incorrect direction, when looking at the Vent in the Research and Testing area of the Company Central Command Compound.
  • Game crashes when going out of the tunnel in the Maintenance Area. The crash occurs after the entering tunnel, moving forward, going back, and then moving forward again.

Issues specific to Italian version

  • Glitch caused by invalid character, when viewing The Company section of Oracle. *

Features which were removed in the Amiga and Macintosh versions

  • The OmniTV script was disabled and all the OmniTV cutscenes were removed. *
  • The cutscene for the epilogue was removed, but the script wasn't updated. *