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Engine developer uruk
Companies that used it Thorsoft of Letchworth
Games that use it Lord Avalot d'Argent
Date added to ScummVM Error: Invalid time.
First release containing it N/A

The Avalanche engine was used in Lord Avalot d'Argent.

This engine is being added by the GSoC student uruk to ScummVM as part of the GSoC 2013. The source code was provided by the authors, Mike, Mark and Thomas Thurman, who released it under the GNU GPL version 2 license.


Work in progress, not completable

Known bugs

Original bugs fixed

  • There was a bug in the original engine that caused the internal timers of the game to mess up when a savegame is loaded. The problem was that when you loaded a savegame, the engine set the internal timers for the room by default and after that loaded the timers you saved when you saved the game. For example in the first room, if you made a save while Avvy was sleeping and loaded it back, you may have noticed that his wife, Arkata's timer was messed up: she shouted every time she should counted from the time you saved, and shouted every time the room's newly set internal timer told her to do so. Now it is fixed: if you load a savegame, the engine only loads the saved timer, and leave the default one for the cases when you enter a room newly.

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