Backyard Basketball

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Backyard Basketball
No Screenshot Available
First release 2001, 2003, 2004
Also known as Backyard Basketball 2002
Backyard NBA Basketball
Developed by Humongous Entertainment
Published by Humongous Entertainment
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms Windows, Macintosh
GBA, Playstation 2
Resolution (unknown)
Engine SCUMM, Non-SCUMM 3D
Support Not supported.
Available for

Backyard Basketball was the first game in the Backyard Basketball series of games aimed at recreating the experience of playing basketball as children. The Windows and Macintosh releases did not have a license from the NBA, but featured Kevin Garnett and Lisa Leslie. Subsequent versions of the game did feature an NBA license and NBA players portrayed as children. The Windows and Macintosh versions used the SCUMM scripting language. The other versions used a custom 3D engine.

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