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bada.png Bada Port
Latest Released Version 1.7.0
Supported Audio Options MP3, OGG, FLAC, Uncompressed
Additional Webpage(s) None
Maintainer(s) Chris Warren-Smith
Packager(s) Chris Warren-Smith
Forum Port Forum
Status Unmaintained
First Official Version 1.3.1


ScummVM has been ported to the Samsung Bada / Tizen platform.

End users should install this via the Samsung app-store found here.

Instructions to help developers compile this can be found here.



Use the volume keys to set the game volume. Use the hardware "menu" key to cycle though the available meta-menu options. Use the hardware "escape" key to activate the selected meta-menu option.


When displaying the game launcher, the volume keys set the media volume. When a game is active, the volume up key cycles through available actions and volume down activates the action. Long pressing the volume up will set max volume, long pressing volume down will mute sound output. If your phone has a camera button, this button will display the virtual keypad. The swipe action can be used to skip dialog text in a game.

  • Camera long press - activate the virtual keyboard.
  • Camera short press - cycle through keyboard shortcuts.
  • Volume up/down long press - set volume max/min values.
  • Volume down key - activate a short-cut press, press volume up to resume volume control.
  • Shortcuts - Control mouse, Escape, Game Menu, Show Keypad.
  • Control mouse - Right click once, Right click, Move only, Left click.


The launcher includes the full set of options which are available in the desktop version. However only some options are used (or useful) in the bada port:

  • [Graphic] Aspect ratio correction.
  • [Audio] Text and Speech settings.
  • [Paths] Save path.
  • [Misc] Autosave, GUI Language.

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