Blue Force

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Blue Force
First release 1993
Also known as
Developed by Tsunami Media
Published by Tsunami Media
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms DOS
Resolution 320x200, 256 colors (DOS, VGA)
Engine TsAGE
Support Since ScummVM 1.5.0
Available for

A graphical adventure that places you in the shoes of Jake Ryan who, as a child, witnesses his parents being brutally murdered. Thirteen years later, he has graduated from the Police Academy, and is about to start his career. Little does he know that the past is going to return to haunt him.

In Blue Force, you control Jake as he starts his police career. Immerse yourself into into this police adventure - stolen National Guard weapons are rumored to be circulating in the area, and it's up to you to investigate. Blue Force was designed by Jim Walls, the mastermind behind the Police Quest Sierra series.

Original Game

  • The debug mode is activated by the following sequence: Ctrl-X = Shift-&
  • The commands in god mode are the following:
    • ? : list of available commands
    • ` : breaks to debugger (if being run under one)
    • i : set inventory item by number
    • I : set inventory item by name
    • B : set Bookmark (game progress state)
    • c : List details of objects within the scene
    • d : Give player stats
    • M : total free wad memory space
    • p : show palette
    • t : teleport to a scene
    • u : enable player control
    • v : set the player sprite set (aka. visage)
    • V : show visage area
    • F : fragmentation
    • f : inspect/change flags

Known Bugs

  • Scene 20 - Cracking sounds when the first logo is displayed
  • Intro: glitches in car animation
  • Scene 300 - PD : Reported walking region issue, not reproducible?
  • Scene 410 - Gang arrest: The colleague takes a weird position after putting cuffs on guy - to be verified in original
  • Scene 270 - In grandma's house: When you come back home instead of giving the baseball card back, grandma is missing - to be verified in original
  • Scene 560 - In Grandma's office: After some clicks here and there, the picture (flag + photo + badge) stops reacting. Not reproducible, to be confirmed
  • Scene 560 - In Grandma's office: After having checked the computer, Ryan is sitting. If he stands up, the chair disappear - to be verified in original

Original Bugs

  • Scene 360 (FIXED): When coming for domestic violence (day 1), if you enter with your gun handy, Doug suddenly puts it back.

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