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        developer=[[User:aquadran|aquadran]], [[User:sev|sev]], [[User:cyx|cyx]]|
        companies=[[Delphine Software]]|
        usedBy=[[Future Wars]], <br>[[Operation Stealth]]|
        dateAdded=February 22, 2006|
== Status ==
== Status ==
* FW is completable, OS is not.
* FW is completable, OS is not.

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Engine developer aquadran, sev, cyx
Companies that used it Delphine Software
Games that use it Future Wars,
Operation Stealth
Date added to ScummVM 2006-02-22
First release containing it None


  • FW is completable, OS is not.
  • Cruise for a corpse is not supported by cinE, but by cruisE, an independent engine
  • Only the Adlib music is used so far, but a MT-32 track is available in the resources