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Engine developer aquadran, sev, cyx,
Companies that used it Delphine Software
Games that use it Future Wars,
Operation Stealth
Date added to ScummVM 2006-02-22
First release containing it 0.10.0


  • Future Wars is completable (DOS/English SVN r55064 2010-12-30).
  • Operation Stealth is completable with gfx glitches (256 colors/DOS/English (GB) SVN r55198 2010-01-10).
  • Cruise for a Corpse is not supported by cinE, but by cruisE, an independent engine.
  • When playing the PC versions under ScummVM, only the AdLib instruments are used for the music, but MT-32 and PC Speaker instruments are also available in the resources.


Future Wars used the first version of the engine, called Cinématique.

For Operation Stealth, the engine was slightly modified (some new opcodes and new files were introduced), this was the first evolution of the engine (Cinématique Évolution 1).

For Cruise for a Corpse, the engine has been largely modified and didn't have much in common with the initial version (only the resource loading/unpacking and music/sound routines have been re-used). This was the second evolution of the engine (Cinématique Évolution 2).