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Compiling ScummVM for Atari/FreeMiNT


To build ScummVM for Atari/FreeMiNT you need:

  • A working FreeMiNT Development Environment
  • zLib
  • SDL and the libraries it requires
  • A version of GCC >= 3.x

For building natively, a Falcon with a CT60 or a clone with a 68060 is strongly recommended. A FreeMiNT AranyM environment should also work as well.

Required FreeMiNT libraries can be found here as well as zLib and Ogg/Vorbis. The GCC found there (2.95.3) is now too old to be used to compile ScummVM (as of 12/31/2007).

If you currently do not have a FreeMiNT environment, this is a place to start. It includes an easy to setup package, called EasyMiNT, to get FreeMiNT going on the Atari machines.

SDL (the latest version is 1.2.12) can be found here. You will also need ldg and gemlib. SDL can also be built from the official sources available at the SDL website.

For GCC, there are a few choices. GCC 3.3.6 from Zorro, GCC 4.1.2 ported by Keith (found here), or the recently ported GCC 4.2.2 which is currently only a cross compiler but work is also being done to make it native. A few guides to building cross compiler tool chains are also scattered around the Internet. ScummVM is currently being built with GCC 4.1.2, and Binutils 2.18.


To build ScummVM natively, all you need to do is extract the source code from the latest stable release (*.tar.gz) (or retrieve the latest development code from the source code repository) and run:

./configure --disable-mt32emu

This will build a binary about 36 MB suitable for debugging. Stripping the binary will bring it down to around 6-8 MB. The MT-32 emulator is disabled because MiNT currently lacks some of the math functions necessary for running it. It is also recommended to disable scalers (--disable-hq-scalers --disable-scalers) because these files might cause a problem when building because they may exhaust the available system memory when compiled natively.

To build ScummVM using a cross compiler:

./configure --host=m68k-atari-mint --disable-mt32emu