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Compiling ScummVM for Maemo

This page describes how you build Maemo packages from the ScummVM source code tree.


Compilation should be done on a Linux machine running Debian/Ubuntu.
For other operating systems, a Linux virtual machine running Debian/Ubuntu can be used instead.

The process is based on this document.

Download and Install Maemo SDK

Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb debian-squeeze free

Then run the following commands to install the SDK:

apt-get update
apt-get install maemo-sdk

Then run the following commands to build/install the tools and compilers:

sudo maemo-sdk install tools <Debian Version>
sudo maemo-sdk install toolchain <Toolchain Version>
sudo maemo-sdk install rootstrap <Rootstrap Version>

Ensure Packaging Files Are Available In Source Tree Root

This requires a symlink from backends/platform/maemo/debian to the root of the scummvm checkout:

ln -s backends/platform/maemo/debian 


Depending on what you want, choose one of the following. If you're not sure, choose the first one.

Build Package

sb2 dpkg-buildpackage -b

Compile (Without Building Package)

sb2 ./configure --host=maemo
sb2 make