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Compiling ScummVM for Nintendo DS under Linux

Getting the source

  • Open a Terminal and type:
git clone git://

Tools/libraries needed

You must have devitPro installed. Version r24 is known to work, more recent versions may work, but occasionally introduce non-backward compatibility changes which cause them to break compatibility with ScummVM.

Moreover, by default, ScummVM DS expects to find libmad, an MP3 compressor library targeted for the ARM platform. If you don't have this, you must disable libmad support by opening 'backends/platform/ds/arm9/makefile' and commenting out the line which says USE_MAD = 1.

To sum it up, you need to install at least the following:

Compiling ScummVM

Enter the backends/platform/ds folder and type:

<syntax type="bash"> make SCUMM_BUILD=a </syntax> The executable nds file will build inside backends/platform/ds/arm9/SCUMMVM-A.

For other builds, substitute the letters b to g in the above line.

To build everything, type:

<syntax type="bash"> make allbuildssafe </syntax>

Further reading