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Compiling ScummVM for Windows Mobile

From Microsoft's Windows Mobile FAQ: "A Windows Mobile powered device is a handheld device powered by the Windows Mobile platform. It allows you to retrieve e-mail, keep track of your schedule and your contacts, browse the Internet, send and receive text messages, read and compose Microsoft Word Mobile files, make Microsoft Excel Mobile charts, and view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.* Windows Mobile is a rich platform that allows you to download third-party software to customize your device. You can download e-books, games, maps, business software, and more."

More information can be found in the Windows Mobile homepage as well as the Windows Mobile Developer Center.

Things needed

Visual Studio 2005

There exist several versions of Visual Studio 2005. A feature comparison can be found here:

You can obtain the free Express version of VS2005 here:

Windows Mobile programming environment

Instructions for setting up a programming environment for the Windows Mobile platform can be found from this installation instructions page

You'll need:

If you're unsure about which SDK you need, read this question in the FAQ

Libraries needed