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Missing features

  • Only the PC version's sound effects and music are currently the supported, and then only Adlib emulation. The Amiga and Atari ST versions of the game have been tentatively tested, and seem to run fine, so likely all that will be needed to support these versions is to implement a sfx and music player for their custom formats.
  • The original gave had a simple multi-slot savegame list from the in-game player menu. The ScummVM implementation, however, only offers a single immediate save/load functionality instead. It does, though, implement the full GMM save/load functionality, with multiple slots and thumbnails. It thus might be prudent in the future to redirect the in-game save/load options to automatically open the GMM Save/Load dialogs directly, rather than duplicating functionality.

Game Issues

  • Some text dialogs can close too quickly. For example, the 'attempted shooting' cutscene has some of it's entries removed before you can properly read them. A workaround may be advisable where certain message Ids (based on the message Id and resource filename) might introduce a manual user delay to ensure the message remains on-screen longer.

Possible Improvements

  • One fascinating ascept of the CruisE engine was that the game backgrounds were done with standard bitmaps, but the actors (those that move) were done using polygons. This is particularly noticable when you get the inspector to leave a room at the bottom of the screen, such as on-deck - his polygon nature becomes obvious. It might prove an interesting minor project to provide an execution mode that runs the game in double-resolution.. the bitmaps could all be stretched double, and the polygons could be still drawn directly, resulting in better looking models for the player and other characters.