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How i find out if my Game is DEV6?

  • (Ghidra Version) you can find it out if your Game is DEV6 if you launch Ghidra analyze the File first then go to look for this String X:/UTILS/DEV6.EXE
  • (Hex Editor Version) load the WLOADER.exe into the Hex Editor and Search for DEV6 and search for Dev6 if you find a line that says X:/UTILS/DEV6.EXE then you have DEV6

Debug EXE files

  • some EXE files of WLOADER.exe are compiled in Debug mode and contains Informations to PDB files (Debug Symbols).
  • here are some strings that are linked to the PDB files.
  • Y:\DEV6\ExeRelease\Loader.pdb (German version of Adibou2)
  • C:\Developp\ExeRelease\Loader.pdb (French version of Adibou2)
  • ..\..\ExeRelease/Loader.exe (French version of Adibou2 Exe original filename)
  • D:\ssafe\ExeRelease\Loader.pdb (ADI 4 4.21)
  • ..\..\ExeRelease/Loader.exe (ADI 4 4.21 French)

C Files

  • ADAPT24.c




File Names

  • Adibou2 2.12 / Addy Junior 2.20 WLOADER.exe (Originalname Loader.exe)

File Formats

  • TOT is the Script System of DEV6, the Scripts can be decompiled into human readable Text via using degob.
  • ITK contains all needed assets for the Game (VMD, Fonts, VMD, FRA,)
  • LTK contains LBM files (Images).
  • STK contains the the TOT Script Files.


  • Adibou2 (Version 2.12) Adibou 2
  • Addy Junior (Version 2.20) Loader Windows
  • ADDY 4 (Version 4.01) ADDY
  • ADI 4 (Version 4.21) ADI4


DEV6 uses a older Version of the STK File Format (V1.0)

SETUP.EXE 2026 Error

If the Date 01/01/2026 is reached you are no longer able to install the Game.

  • Solution: set the Date of your PC lower then the Year 2026 install the Game after the Installation just set back the Date to the current one and you are good to go for the Future.


  • SYSTEM.EXE is the Copy Protection for DEV6 Games from Coktel Vision.


  • SecuROM *new* V4.00.00.0019 is used in Adibou 2 French version Anglais (English Application)
  • SecuROM *new* V4.00.00.0019 is used in Adibou 2 French version Musique (Music Application)
  • SecuROM *new* V4.00.00.0019 is used in Adibou 2 French version Nature et Scienes (Nature Application)


you can add some parameters for your DEV6 game.

  • BREAK runs the Game in windowed Mode
  • DEBUG runs the Game with the Debug Menu in Fullscreen.
  • NOWING runs the Game without WinG


  • Sound is stored in VMD & WAV files.

Error Messages

  • System error: System_error: -1000 Clain's code is very corrupt !
  • ADAPT24.c Remappage interdit !!! dans cette fonction
  • System error: System_error: -1000 DEV code is corrupt
  • System_Error: -1. VMD FADXXX14 not good version (VMD was used if you leave Garden where you can plant flowers in Adibou 2.)

Debug Menu

How to open the Debug Menu?

  • 1. go into mdo.ini hen add in the Section [Option] a new entry called Debug and set it to 1.
  • 2. create a shortcut of WLOADER.EXE and add to the End as Parameter BREAK. (Windowed mode)
  • 2. create a shortcut of WLOADER.EXE and add to the End as Parameter DEBUG. (Fullscreen mode not recommended.)
  • 3. now start the Game over the Shortcut and Enjoy!

Enabling Trace window

  • go again into mdo.ini and write under Debug=1 and add Trace=1 and then save it and start the Game then you have Trace window also enabled.

  • RAM: is showing you how much RAM is currently be used in KB.
  • OpenIMD is when a IMD gets played.
  • Close is for if a IMD gets closed.
  • LoadCache is for loading a VMD from the Cache.
  • Chargement EXT is loading something from the EXT files.

former Adibou 2 version NE format & Adi 4 & Playtoons

  • you can create DEBUGA.BOU in the game directory of Adibou 2 / Adi 4 then you have some debug stuff enabled inside ScummVM.
  • you can create DEBUGP.PLA in the game directory of Playtoons then you have some debug stuff enabled inside ScummVM.

CPP Files

  • TrackMAC.cpp
  • UMacSounds.cpp
  • UMacHandles.cpp
  • LThread.cpp
  • LThreadLow.cpp
  • LSemaphore.cpp

Header Files

  • UMacSounds.h

Debug Infos

  • m_State == STATE_STOP
  • m_SoundBuffer != NULL
  • m_EffectsProcessor.get() != NULL
  • m_Channel.get() != NULL
  • i_BufferSize % frameSize == 0
  • i_BufferSize >= smallestBufferSize
  • api_object == NULL
  • sThread == sMainThread (stored in LThread.cpp)
  • !InPreemptiveThread()
  • mThreads.qHead != NULL (stored in LSemaphore.cpp)
  • inMilliSeconds == thread_WaitForever || inMilliSeconds > 0
  • sThread != this
  • thread->mState == threadState_Waiting
  • sInited == true (stored in LThreadLow.cpp)


EDIT_DEV was used in Adi 4 for ADI4.EXE exe.

  • Found CPP files:
    • ..\sources\loader\edit_dev.cpp
  • Found ASM files:
    • v:\mem32.asm
    • c0ntd.ASM
  • Found Header files:
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\_defs.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\_null.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\_nfile.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\win32\windows.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\excpt.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\stdarg.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\windef.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\winnt.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\win32\winnt.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\ctype.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\pshpack4.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\poppack.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\pshpack1.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\string.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\stddef.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\winbase.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\win32\winbase.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\winerror.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\wingdi.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\win32\wingdi.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\pshpack2.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\winuser.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\win32\winuser.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\win32\winreg.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\prsht.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\pshpack8.h
    • ..\SOURCES\INCLUDE\BC\win32\commdlg.h


  • VMD's can be injected by copying an VMD to the root directory of the Game, and rename it from what you wanna replace it with.


  • DEV6 uses LET files as Fonts.
  • DEV6 is backwards compatible with older LET files as like from Gobliins 2.
  • You can replace an font if you found out which Font is been used by the Game, and then extract it from an other game like Gobliins 2, then rename the Name of the font to that was the original of DEV6's and copy it into the root directory of the Game.

ADI Internet

  • Versions:
    • ADI4 Internet: Version 0.97
  • Connections+
  • The Connections are established over TCP/RAS