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What is it

Dragon is a renderware-compatible engine framework, for easy porting of some titles such as Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. Much thanks to Revolution for the game source. (this is all a lie)

What is it, post April 1st

Dragon was our April Fools for April 1st, 2005. Nobody really brought it :)

It was however conducted with a certain amount of internal help at Revolution (woo, spywork!) and the filenames and source code visible are indeed real. Even the screenshot is a real internal screenshot, albeit the only one we could locate with a graphical glitch, which turned into a bogus cover-story about clipping bugs to make things a little more authentic.

Ender was behind the text and posts, but Joost came up with the idea and did all the hard work.



  • Music Manager
  • Fix memory leak in renderer
  • Software Renderware-compatible renderer?
  • Fix near clipping issue (artifacts behind
  • Clean up makefile
  • Lots lots more