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We plan to implement a new GUI look & feel in ScummVM, roughly based on the new look of our web site. Some concept drafts of the new look can be found here:

You can also read the documentation on the GUI Themes.

To Do

  • List widget
    • get mock-up from Krest
    • Glitches when entering very long strings. The cursor overlaps the scrollbar. Possibly the scroll bar width should be automatically added to the right-side paddings, but I don't have the time to experiment with it right now.
  • PopUp widget (aka drop-down list)
    • get mock-up from Krest
  • Tab widget
    • tab widget is drawn completely wrong now
      • though it would be nice to leave current drawing style and select them via widget property
  • Checkbox widget
    • smaller version of widget for 320xY resolution
  • Dialogs
    • About dialog
      • looks bad. Probably add some shadows and text padding
      • fix glitch at the top of the dialog where part of the characters get stuck (see FIXME in about.cpp)
      • [Classic theme] Text seems to be drawn over the dialog frame. At least at the top of the dialog.
      • The grey text (color 2, kStateDisabled) is hard to read in both the new and the classic theme.
    • Options dialog
      • Maybe a "Theme path" setting?
      • Maybe a "MIDI gain" setting? (Used by FluidSynth.)
      • Current order of tabs is: Graphics, Audio, MIDI, Paths
        • Split Audio tab to Audio and Volume as in Edit game dialog
        • Make position of paths tab consistent with Edit game dialog
    • Edit game dialog
      • Current order of tabs is: Game, Paths, Gfx, Audio, Volume, MIDI
        • Rename Gfx tab to Graphics to be consistent with Options dialog
        • Make position of paths tab consistent with Ptions dialog
    • The sliding action of the debug console takes a lot more CPU now than it used to. On my 450 MHz P3, I don't even see it slide in 2x mode. It seems to appear/disappear all at once.
    • The text "Norwegian BokmÃ¥l" isn't rendered correctly since our fonts do not have the letter "Ã…".
      • If we decide to use Latin-1 fonts instead, we should also update the About dialog to use accented characters where appropriate.