Gobliins 2

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Gobliins 2
First release 1992
Also known as Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon
Developed by Coktel Vision
Published by Sierra
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, Windows 3.1
Resolution 320x200, 256 colors (DOS, VGA)
Engine Gob
Support Since ScummVM 0.10.0
Available for

Gobliins 2 is the second game in the goblins adventure puzzle series. In this game, there are two goblins rather than the previous game's three (hence the name having two i's instead of three). This time both goblins can pick up and use items. The first goblin, Fingus, is intelligent but shy. The second goblin, Winkle, is dimwitted but brave. As in the first game, you must utilize the character traits of the goblins to solve puzzles. This time, however, it is possible to give commands to both goblins at the same time. It is also possible to travel back and forth between rooms.

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