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How to add new team members

TODO: Explain what to do *before* adding a new user; and what to do once the new user was added.

Adding new members involves the following things (list may not be complete):

  • Point out some important rules: follow the Code Formatting Conventions, don't break other people's builds with your commits, ...
  • Ensure they are subscribed to scummvm-devel
  • Add them to as project members
    • Make sure to also setup appropriate tracker access levels
    • Point them to the tracker admin HOWTO below
  • Forum: if they have a forum account, make sure it is in group "ScummVM Team"
  • Wiki: Make sure they have an account
  • Ask them to write an Introduction email to scummvm-devel
  • ...

How to edit/update webpages

  1. Checkout the web module from SVN; the current website files are inside "trunk" as usual.
  2. Edit the relevant files, e.g. for the downloads page edit data/downloads.xml
  3. Commit your changes as usual

To get any changes you made active on the webserver, you first have to login to the shell server: <syntax type="sh">ssh -t USER, create</syntax> Then: <syntax type="sh"> cd /home/groups/s/sc/scummvm/htdocs/ ./</syntax>

Two important remarks:

  1. Some content on the webpages needs special treatment, e.g. modifying the credits or adding screenshots. If in doubt, ask on scummvm-devel.
  2. Not every project member has SSH access to the shell server. Project admins need to explicitly activate the "Allow access to shell server group space" for individual members. Since there is no good way to track who made which changes on the shell server, it seems like a good idea to keep the number of people with direct SSH access small (but not too small).

How to be a forum moderator

TODO: Explain how to ban a user properly; how to deal with spam; ...

How to triage bug reports

TODO: Describe how to react to new bug reports; how to get more info, how to use canned responses; which bug title format we use; etc.