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{{PortFeatures| name=Haiku| backend=sdl| version=1.6.0| status=Maintained| mp3=yes| ogg=yes| flac=yes| uncompressed=yes| zlib=yes| plugins=no| 16bits=yes| buildbot=no| firstversion=0.4.1| maintainer=[[User:Begasus|Begasus]| packager=Begasus| pkgend=-gcc4-haiku.tgz| forum=4| icon=beos|

agi=yes| agos=yes| cine=yes| cruise=yes| draci=yes| drascula=yes| gob=yes| groovie=yes| kyra=yes| lure=yes| made=yes| parallaction=yes| queen=yes| saga=yes| scumm=yes| sword1=yes| sword2=yes| sky=yes| teenagent=yes| tinsel=yes| touche=yes| tucker=yes| }}


ScummVM has been ported to Haiku, which is the successor to BeOS using the Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL).
The port to BeOS was last released for ScummVM v1.0.0 and is no longer maintained.

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