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General Issues

  • Add descumm support for the array changes in HE72+ games to help solve bugs.
  • Convert wizImage to image file (BMP?), when printing is requested, to allow printing of images by other programs.
  • Fix broken sync. of songs, if the game is paused during a song.
  • Dog and probably other games may write non-ASCII characters and '=' into .ini fields values.
 An example of such entry is highscore: "_HS=!$Q!B  Ñ‘=m4". Hex representation of the value is
 "21 24 51 21  42 20 20 a3 3d 6d 34". Probably we substitute non-ascii characters as well as '='
 by \xYY like it is done in C.

Sound system

Complete support for music/sound engine of the games

  • Add extra sound flag (4), purpose unknown (Looping related?)
  • Add extra sound flags (32, 64, 128) in HE100 games (Where are they used?).

Backyard Soccer

  • Fix bad memory reads after scoring a goal: the game nukes the playing sound resource.
  • On rare occasions, the soccer ball can leave a trail over the GUI.

Blue's Birthday Adventure

  • Fix flood fill issue in the end minigame of the left adventure of the Yellow disc (screenshot).

Blue's Treasure Hunt

  • Add support for switching between the two sets of resource files, and detecting when that switching should occur.

Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo

Issues which effect demo and full version (HE72 version only)

  • When you encouner Kenya the lion cub for the first time, you see a short cutscene. When Kenya tries to jump, her back is teared off with waterfall drops. Actor 1 (Kenya) is an AUX image and actor 2 (Waterfall drops) is only displayed around Kenya (Not overlapping). But the complete background of actor 2 is been reset, causing the glitches.

Fun Shop titles

  • Add support for processWizImage modes 13, 14 & 15, used after selecting text button. Creates and displays the text written on cursor.
  • Add support for processWizImage mode 17, used draw circle when first selecting shapes button.
  • Add support for thickLine code for processWizImage mode 10 (fillWizLine), used when selecting the shapes buttons and cycling through the shapes.

Russian versions

  • The Russian company logo shown at the start of many games, is missing most of the white color sections. The missing sections use palette slot 255, palette slot 255 is skipped when setting the room's palette, due to a RGB of 255, 255, 255. Caused by a missing palette difference somewhere or maybe a color miscalculation in drawStripHE() ?

Freddi Fish 1

  • Input is disabled in the updated version, after clicking on Fiddler Crab (When he is still trapped in cage), if animation shown, starts with a shaking of the cage. This problem occurs in the original version too.

Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries

  • The updated version has a bad picture in the resources, which shows up as garbage, even in the original version. It crashes ScummVM (under Windows), and is caused by the cleanup of code in drawStripHE() in the past.

Pajama Sam 2

  • Add support for the custom localization code used to handle speech, in this particular port.


  • Add sound compression support for music/speech files?
  • Add support for resource queuing, to help playing from CD?

16bit Color Games

  • Add support for drawWizPolygonTransform 0x800000 flag, used when selecting slot to save game.
  • Add support for copyMaskWizImage 0x9000000 flag, used for fade effects.

U32 library calls

Complete the U32 library calls, triggered by case 2001 of kernelGetFunctions/kernelSetFunctions. Unfortunately the U32 library calls are unique in each HE game series.

  • The U32 code controls the players movements on field in basketball
  • The U32 code controls various aspects of the game in moonbase

Backyard Baseball 2003

  • Add support for fade effects, used when moving between menus.

Backyard Football 2002

  • Add support for fade effects, used when moving between menus.
  • Incorrect cursor color is shown in the Windows version when picking team members and when choosing a play.
  • Before the field goal and endzone backgrounds show, a black frame appears quickly. It looks like we're calling _moviePlay->handleNextFrame() at the wrong time.

Backyard Soccer MLS Edition

  • See Backyard Soccer issues.
  • The cursor and ball leave a trail if they go over the GUI in the bottom part of the screen.
  • During a penalty kick, the ball looks like it goes through the net before it bounces off the net.

Backyard Soccer 2004

Freddi Fish 5

  • Add support for fade effects, which are used by the title screen.

Moonbase Commander

  • Add support for additional wizImage compression types (4, others) used.