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This page is a reference of unused opcodes in Kyrandia 1.

Unimplemented opcodes

Opcode # Name Place of use
07 o1_runNPCScript not used
3E o1_loadSoundFile not used
4B o1_specificItemInInventory not used
4D o1_mobileCharacterInScene not used
4E o1_hideMobileCharacter not used? (many false positives, but since unhide isn't implemented I don't think that exists)
4F o1_unhideMobileCharacter not used
65 o1_pageFlip not used
69 o1_addItemToInventory not used
6A o1_intPrint not used
84 o1_setPaletteRange not used
92 o1_setPlayingLoop 2 times used (GRAVE.EMC, CAVEB.EMC - only used on failing copy protection, exit to DOS)
97 o1_resetMaskRegion not used