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  • Add savegame support
  • Correct rendering of cursors
  • Add support for demo
  • Convert NIS animations to use event handler & sound&scene managers
  • Finish inventory support
    • Add blinking menu icon
    • Fix regression in inventory UI code
  • Finish graphic manager
    • Add graphic transitions
    • Add support for luminosity adjustement
    • Add dirty-rects handling
  • Finish implementation of combat
    • Objectify Fight class
  • Finish Sound manager
    • Add subtitle handling
    • Add sound filters
    • Finish implementation of audio queue

Known issues

Feel free to add a short description of your issue. This will help a lot when debugging AI & shared logic code. You can consult the list of characters to help you identify the name of a certain character.

Chapter 1

  • Alexei eats way too fast in the restaurant
  • Characters sometimes get stuck in an animation cycle. Examples:
    • Mertens can get stuck if he sees you trying to open the wrong compartment door.
    • Verges can get stuck at Mertens's seat. Merten was standing up when the conductor was approaching. The conductor never got past him, and Mertens remained standing. Seems to happen if I wait long enough near Mertens's seat.
    • Francois gets stuck outside his compartment, flickering. He is supposed to get out and start running in the corridor.
    • Mahmud stays on the corridor after knocking on one of his companions' doors

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Graphical glitches

To catch this, walk really quickly to the end of the sleeping car. If you don't stop to talk to anyone, you should be able to catch Anna opening the door.