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  • Return to Zork is completable
  • Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 is completable
  • The Manhole is playable
  • Rodney's Funscreen is playable

Still missing/incomplete game features

  • The following script functions need to be implemented/finished:
    • sfShakeScreen (for RtZ)
    • sfPlayNote/sfStopNote (used in Manhole:NE, when playing the piano under the desk inside the ship) - used to play individual notes (perhaps the PCSpkr class can be used)
    • sfPlayTele/sfStopTele (used in Manhole:NE, when examining the phone on the desk inside the ship) - used to play telephone sounds (perhaps the PCSpkr class can be used)
  • File-specific tasks:
    • Finish up printText() in screen.cpp
  • Only soundblaster music is played. MIDI music playing/MT32 instrument mapping needs more work
  • Dirty rectangle handling

Bugs of the original engine

  • The screen effect palette changes incorrectly after a PMV video
  • Animations in LGoP2 are incorrectly drawn above text (they should be drawn below it). An example can be seen when talking to the Indian as Lydia and performing the kiss/screw action. Also, with Barth, it can be seen from the first screen if you try and shoot Barth's spaceship: Barth will say something, and the smoke from the spaceship will be incorrectly drawn above the letters