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  • Return to Zork is completable
  • Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 is completable
  • The Manhole is playable
  • Rodney's Funscreen is playable

Still missing game features

  • The music for LGoP2 and Manhole is not played
  • The intro credits in RtZ are not played
  • Only soundblaster music is played for RtZ
  • The first version of the Manhole is not supported

Bugs, glitches and ToDos

Script bugs

Implement/finish up some commands and script functions:

  • Commands:
  • Script functions:
  • For all:
    • sfPlayMusic (for LGoP2/Manhole)
    • sfGetMusicBeat
    • sfGetCdTime
    • sfGetSynthType
  • For Return to Zork:
    • sfGetSoundEnergy (used to animate the mouths of characters when they're talking)
    • sfShakeScreen
  • For Manhole:NE:
    • sfPlayNote
    • sfStopNote
    • sfPlayTele
    • sfStopTele



  • Some screen effects are missing:
    • FX 8
    • FX 18
    • FX 19
    • FX 20
  • Use "dirty rectangles" (e.g. in updateSprites())


  • Music is disabled in LGoP2 and Manhole (it's not loaded correctly)
  • Finish up MIDI music playing (only Soundblaster music is played for now)


  • In RtZ's intro, after the flyover, an invalid number of sound chunks is read. There is currently a hack which stops the parser when this happens to prevent the game from crashing, but the intro credits screen is not shown

File-specific tasks


  • Read/verify database header
  • Verify save game header


  • Read/evaluate PMV file header


  • Implement clipRect in placeSprite(), placeAnim() and placeText()
  • Finish up Screen::show()
  • Finish up printText()

Bugs of the original engine

  • The screen effect palette changes incorrectly after a PMV video
  • Animations in LGoP2 are incorrectly drawn above text (they should be drawn below it). An example can be seen when talking to the Indian as Lydia and performing the kiss/screw action. Also, with Barth, it can be seen from the first screen if you try and shoot Barth's spaceship: Barth will say something, and the smoke from the spaceship will be incorrectly drawn above the letters