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Welcome to the ScummVM wiki. This wiki is mostly intended for Developers to document SCUMM and other engines, and collaborate on various current projects.

Help us write a good manual
One of the biggest things missing in ScummVM is a good manual helping new users (and to a degree also experienced ones) with problems they have. This starts with how to obtain and install ScummVM on your favorite device, to how to copy file data to it and how to add it to ScummVM, up to specific issues with the games.

There is a work in progress manual. This is very incomplete, and we need your help to finish it! For details, go to the manual page!


This wiki requires an account to edit pages. Accounts are given out on a per-case basis. Please contact sev if you would like an account.

Stay in touch

Post with us on the forum, or chat with us on the IRC channel
(#scummvm,, channel key is scummvm)!