Mission Asteroid

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Mystery House
No Screenshot Available
First release 1980
Also known as Hi-Res Adventure #1:
Mystery House
Developed by Sierra
Published by Sierra
Distributed by Sierra
Platforms Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64
FM-7, PC-88, PC-98
Resolution (unknown)
Engine ADL
Support Not supported
Available for

Mission Asteroid, marketed as Hi-Res Adventure #0: Mission Asteroid, is a text adventure game with graphics. Despite being marketed with a number above the rest of the games in the Hi-Res Adventure series, it was actually the third game in that series. It received a lower number, as it was meant to be an introduction to the adventure genre, since it was easier than the other games in the series. An astronaut is tasked with making a flight plan to send a rocket up to an asteroid to destroy it before it reaches Earth.

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