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** The re-release of Zoombinis uses Bink Video!
** The re-release of Zoombinis uses Bink Video!
** Some Kid Pix games use Smacker (in tSMK resources)
** Some Kid Pix games use Smacker (in tSMK resources)
* Zoombini uses some TrueType fonts.
* Some educational games (e.g. Treehouse, Zoombini) use some TrueType fonts.
* Some of the games use sound cues.

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Main Mohawk TODO


  • Backwards playback/seeking
    • Myst ME needs this for the retracting weight in the clock tower (*sigh*)
  • The Cyan logo repeats some frames at the end. I call it "Cyan logo syndrome." This is caused by the lack of handling of multiple edit lists. FFmpeg doesn't handle this yet either.
  • Some Cinepak frames have corruption.
    • The Myst linking book video on D'ni has a corrupted Cinepak frame (data-wise). Right now, we just skip that frame (and throw a warning). It looks like QuickTime does this too.
    • The CD (but not the DVD) version of Riven has at least two videos with a corrupt frame: the wood chipper (when power is directed elsewhere) and using the trap book before talking with Gehn (when not on Tay).
  • Unify the 8bpp to 16/32bpp code snippets. This is mostly done already. I have a patch to add it to graphics/conversion.h, but still waiting on that one.


The game is playable and should be completable to all four endings, though many issues still need to be fixed.


(In Order of Priority):

  • Missing Stack Specific Opcodes.
  • Myst ME support is missing these codecs: QDesign Music 2 (partially working) and Sorenson Video 1.
  • Myst 10th Edition requires the Myst ME codecs plus Sorenson Video 3.
  • JPEG Optimization for Myst ME.

Stack TODO/Known Bugs

Myst Island

  • Cabin Boiler Movie Playback Logic - Card 4097, 4098
  • Myst ME lacks the weight going back up - Card 4113
  • Myst Library Bookcase Door Lintel fails to update until card change - Card 4334, 4348


  • Missing Var Getter
    • 30 (and Setter)
    • 31
  • Missing opcodes
    • Pump Shed Pump Toggle - Opcodes 105, 106, 125 and 126
    • Lower Walkway to Upper Walkway Elevator Toggle - Opcodes 105, 108 and 128
    • Bridge Water Pump Toggle - Opcodes 105, 108 and 124
  • Incorrect Water Valve Audio Logic
    • Pump for Upper Walkway to Temple Elevator on Lower Walkway Running with First Valve Set Left...


  • Missing Var Getter
    • Crate Status - 3
    • Code Lock - 4 (getter and toggle), 15
    • Fortress Position - 5, 6
    • Glowing Gems - 20, 21 && 22
    • Red Page - 102
    • Blue Page - 103
  • Missing opcodes
    • Singing Bird - Opcodes 101, 103
    • Fortress Rotation Holo-Simulator - Opcodes 115, 117, 118 and 120
  • Fortress Staircase Movie Playback Subsection
  • Snake Jack-in-the-box not working
  • Secret Panels not correct
  • Cage Electrification far too quick, no audio...


  • Missing opcodes


  • Missing opcodes

Preview (Demo)

  • Missing opcodes

Riven TODO


The game first became completable with r52735. As of r55299, the game is completable with no prior knowledge.


(In Order of Priority):

  • Finish External Commands (Many are done, most are self-explanatory)
  • Cleanup SLST handling
    • Fading not handled
    • Some sounds do not play (maglev from tspit to jspit), is this right?
  • Transitions
  • Possibly make looping MP2 sound faster; there's a slight click between iterations.
  • Cleanup hotspot debugging mode. The water effect and videos write over it.

Stack TODO/Known Bugs

bspit (Book Assembly Island)

  • The Ytram trap only partially works currently.
    • xbsettrap, xbcheckcatch, and xbfreeytram need to be implemented.

gspit (Survey Island - internally Garden)

  • The underwater viewer is partially implemented.
    • xgwharksnd, xglview_prisonoff, and xglview_prisonon need to be implemented.

jspit (Jungle Island)

  • Ambient sounds don't work when clicking on a stone in the rebel tunnel puzzle.
  • Missing randomized sunner videos.
    • xjlagoon700_alert and xjlagoon800_alert need to be implemented.
    • Has hardcoded background videos.

pspit (Prison Island)

  • Missing randomized Catherine videos.
    • Has hardcoded background videos.

rspit (Rebel Age)

  • Missing randomized rebel videos.
    • xrwindowsetup needs to be implemented.
    • Has hardcoded background videos.

tspit (Temple Island)

  • Marbles not drawn on grid when standing one step back from the marble puzzle
    • xt7600_setupmarbles needs to be completed.

Living Books TODO

  • Add fading between pages/palettes, do preloading and use the relevant cursors.
  • Fix the highlighting start time for 2.0-style text.
  • Fix the weird animation tempo stuff in Maggie.
  • Implement the hardcoded mini-games in Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Implement the rest of the scripting used in the later LB games, including variable saving/loading.
  • Handle the proxies and compiled scripts used in The Rugrats Adventure Game. fuzzie has preliminary code for this.

Other Games TODO

  • They (mostly) all use QuickTime video.
    • The re-release of Zoombinis uses Bink Video!
    • Some Kid Pix games use Smacker (in tSMK resources)
  • Some educational games (e.g. Treehouse, Zoombini) use some TrueType fonts.