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resolution=640x480, 16-bit color|
resolution=640x480, 16-bit color|
support=Not supported.|
support=Since ScummVM 2.3.0|
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[[Category:Trecision Games]]
[[Category:Trecision Games]]
[[Category:Unsupported Games]]
[[Category:Supported Games]]

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Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy
No Screenshot Available
First release 1998
Also known as N/A
Developed by Trecision S.p.A, ClickBOOM
Published by Team17
Distributed by MicroProse, DreamCatcher Interactive
Platforms Windows, Amiga
Resolution 640x480, 16-bit color
Engine trecision
Support Since ScummVM 2.3.0
Available for

Set in a futuristic world not unlike that of Blade Runner, you play an ex-intelligence/military operative investigating the disappearance of someone which has endangered your friend, Hugh (mayor of Union city). As the plot develops, you realise that things are not entirely what they seem and that someone is involved in a conspiracy so big, it will bring the city to its knees.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

All versions

  • DATA.NL file (from installation directory or disc AUTORUN directory)
  • FMV directory from all 3 discs
  • DATA directory from all 3 discs

The combined data directory should contain the following files: nlanim.cd1 (and .cd2, .cd3), nldata.cd0, nlspeech.cd0

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