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Engine developer clone2727
Companies that used it Presto Studios
Games that use it The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime
Date added to ScummVM 2012-09-20
First release containing it N/A


  • Both full game and demo are completable from the beginning
  • Only the Macintosh version is supported


  • Fix minor video segment bugs
    • Looping sometimes seems a bit slow (noticeable in the Norad sub bay)
      • This seems to be sound-related. Videos without sound (spinning inventory images) work fine.
    • Sub chase plays a little extra audio at the end
  • Implement backward QuickTime rate control
    • Used by the "pressure" mini-game when destroying Poseidon
  • Energy bar calibration sometimes flashes full before calibrating properly (doesn't always happen)
  • Code cleanup
    • Propagate a PegasusEngine pointer to various classes
    • Cleanup some constant handling
  • Some slow computers shouldn't delay the 10ms on playing videos (not from the Movie class) (ie. digitall's Atom processor is too slow to handle it :P)
    • Probably should only delay if getTimeToNextFrame() >= 10
    • This should probably also go to other playback loops throughout ScummVM...

Original Game Bugs

Fixed in ScummVM

  • General: After using "cmd+o" to load a game while the pause menu is up, the screen dimmer remains on screen after loading the game.
  • General: From the main menu, selecting 'walkthru' does nothing -- the game just resets to adventure.
  • General: When pressing the recall button of the Pegasus BioChip, it does not highlight.
  • Mars: Attempting to use the pause menu to load or save the game during the canyon chase or space chase will segfault (it tries to make a continue point, which accesses the interface which was destroyed upon entering the sequence). When running on Mac OS 9 or lower, this causes the whole OS to crash and potentially cause damage to your system. Do not attempt to try this on your Mac!
  • Prehistoric: Recalling to the TSA without having the historical log would cause the player to skip over several puzzles and just start going to Mars/Norad/WSC.
  • Mars: Avoiding Ares outside of the shield generator doesn't give you points.
  • WSC: Defeating Mercury doesn't give you points (except for Gandhi points).
  • Norad Alpha: You would receive points for using the claw even if you just looked at the sub controls.
  • WSC: If you view the AI video when on the catwalk, the robot timer never resumes and he never shoots you.

Not Fixed in ScummVM

  • WSC: Dragging the antidote on the screen on your second trip in always shows the end replication video
  • Mars: Cursor shows during the canyon chase after moving it
  • Norad Delta: The loop sound for the missile control room is corrupt on the disc; mastering error? But the code is broken too!
  • WSC: "Images/AI/WSC/XN59WD", "Images/AI/WSC/XW93NH1", and "Images/AI/WSC/XW93NH2" are missing causing some AI videos not to play.
  • TSA: After destroying the robot ship on Mars and returning to the present, the game will always play the Ares optical memory video even though you didn't pick it up. There's no nice way to deal with this because the "Reviewing Optical Memory BioChip" extra sequence has to be played when returning to the TSA for the last time which leads into the "All Clear" extra sequence. It's possible to just not play the Ares Optical Memory sequence, however.
  • General: There are various typos in in-game videos. For example, in the Optical Memory BioChip menu, "Ares" is misspelled as "Aries". It's also misspelled when you open the robot up. In addition, some frames of "Poseidon" are misspelled as "Posiedon".

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