Pirate Adventure

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Pirate Adventure
No Screenshot Available
First release 1978
Also known as N/A
Developed by Adventure International
Published by Creative Computing Software
Distributed by Creative Computing Software
Platforms Apple II, Atari 8-bit, BBC Micro,
Browser, Commodore 16,
Plus/4, Commodore 64,
Commodore PET/CBM, Electron,
Exidy Sorcerer, FM-7, PC-88,
PC-98, TI-99/4A, TRS-80,
TRS-80 CoCo, VIC-20
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Hugo, Scott, Z-machine
Support Not yet.
Available for
The full game can be legally
downloaded from the developer's

Pirate Adventure is a text adventure by Adventure International. Travel from your London flat to a tropical island in search of pirates' gold.


The original 1978 version was created by Scott and Alexis Adams in the Scott Adams format.

It was converted to Hugo by Julian Arnold in 1997.

It was converted to Z-machine by David Doherty in 1998.

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