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Please note: This whole tree is a work in progress and therefore not yet linked on the main page or the menu on the left!

ScummVM has been ported to run on many platforms and operating systems. Links to these ports can be found on subsequent pages. Many thanks to the effort of porters.

Currently registered ports

Platform Backend Notes
Linux X11/OSS audio (includes iPAQs running Linux)
Windows SDL
Windows Mobile SDL (iPAQ and other handheld devices)
SymbianOS SDL (a mobile phone Operating System)
MorphOS Custom backend
Dreamcast Custom backend
GP32 Custom backend
PalmOS Custom backend
UNIX SDL (Linux, Solaris, IRIX, *BSD)
Note: should PS & PS2 be on this list as well?

If you have developed a port of ScummVM that is not mentioned here and wish to commit it into the main CVS, feel free to contact us!

More blatant copying from the Readme (needs to be moved to specific pages when they are created:

The Dreamcast port does not support Curse of Monkey Island, nor The Dig. The PalmOS port does not support Curse of Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, nor either Simon the Sorcerer 1 or 2. The Dig will only work on some Palm devices (those with a large dynamic heap).

In the Macintosh port, the right mouse button is emulated via Cmd-Click (that is, you click the mouse button while holding the Command/Apple/Propeller key).