Return of the Phantom

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Return of the Phantom
No Screenshot Available
First release 1993
Also known as Return of the Phantom
Developed by Microprose
Published by Microprose
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms DOS
Resolution (unknown)
Engine M4
Support Not officially supported.
A WIP engine is available
in our SVN repository
Available for

It's a present time (1993), and many people are about to enjoy "The Phantom of the Opera" performance of a long ago made opera, back in 1881. However, that piece of art will soon become covered with blood of an innocent as the great ceiling chandelier will crush down at the crowd.

You're playing Raoul Montand, a detective who's been asked for help by his old friend Monsieur Brie. Bringing you to a crime scene he leaves you in hope you'll find some clues and prevent this terror from happening all over again. Supposedly, it's a deed of long dead phantom Erik, who did the same kinda troubles back in 1881. You're about to find out what secrets lies beneath the surface as you'll look for clues here in present time, and back in 1881.

Present actress, Christine Florent is somehow connected to the past actress Christine Daae both within roots as much as with role playing. Although, in the past, you won't be known as a detective but more as Christine's fiancee or something that close.

This point and click adventure game is available on both four 3.5" floppy discs and CD version with an exception the CD version includes speech. Most of the game is happening inside the opera house, with an exception to numerous tunnels and secret sewer passages beneath the opera house that are supposedly phantom's residental places. Find who cut off that big lamp and save Christine from that phantom in order to prevent opera acts from being terrorised again.

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