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Bugs found in the original SCI games

Missing resources

  • KQ6: Missing sync resource. Right at the beginning, go to bookshop and get the book thats on the table. 2nd portrait has no sync resource but audio. We are currently ignoring that, so no animation at all, and the original low res version drew random portraits, which we could do as well. Still the following video illustrates that there is correct mouth movement in the hires version (2:30). One speculation is that the hires portrait code calculated lip syncing from the sound resources, when sync resources were missing

Script bugs

  • LSL5: Priority issues in bathroom right at the start
  • LSL5: during first flight Larry dreams about Patti: she is playing the piano. Strangely this isnt animated, but it is if you save/reload your game
  • LSL5: tramps casino: during mud wrestling the script is using cycle counts. Currently its playable but a bit difficult to do cause its quite fast (not a bug but ffs when changing speed throttler)
  • LSL5: almost at the end during last flight, one textbox in the patti conversation gets overdrawn with patti. Happens only in german version and I guess this also happens with original interpreter. I am unable to test this easily because I would need to play through the whole game again

Timer issues

Larry 3

  • Working fine currently due workaround inside speed throttler for room 290
  • Pushups (room 380) are machinespeed dependant. That one is calculated after the ranchy questions (room 290). Machinespeed is calculated by counting cycles for 60 ticks (1 second).

Larry 5

  • None of those are apparent in our sci
  • intro is timer dependant (typing of the title while patty walks by) - note that the "mistyping" should be noticeable
  • wrestling is timer dependant (room 740)

Note: This list has been taken from and can also be found at the Space Quest wiki

Space Quest 1

  • None of those were apparent during my playthrough, so the speed throttler seems to work well
  • In the Arcada, you'll notice the screen is shaking and shaking. And it should (every once in a while). Your ship is under attack, remember?!? But on faster computers, it just won't stop. And that's incredibly annoying.
  • You will dehydrate in the desert way too soon. A message will pop up almost immediately when you've landed, telling you you need to drink. You'll die of thirst before you can even think of exploring the planet.
  • The spider droid will come too soon. Thus giving you little chance to explore the planet.
  • You will be unable to get past the falling acid drops in the cave on Kerona because the drops fall very rapidly. A tropical rainstorm is nothing compared to it!
  • Some animations in the game are too fast. The droid that passes Roger in the hallway at the start of the game rushes by at the speed of light. Roger looks like he's headbanging or something. But in fact, on slower computers he looks around every now and then. Also, the cartridge retrieval droid moves way too fast. There are perhaps more of these small, but annoying, animation problems.

Space Quest 4

  • When Roger enters a screen where the "droid-0-death" can/will appear, it will come almost immediately. It will be very hard to get the rope, the unstable ordinance, the PocketPal and to hide yourself from this droid, not to mention successfully entering the sewer grate. The biggest problem is, of course, that the game doesn't give you any time to explore and look around carefully because you're too occupied escaping the droid. The droid should not appear for at least a full minute.
  • Boarding the transport shuttle on the streets of Xenon is almost impossible. The Sequel Police are already standing there, waiting to kill you. When playing the game on a slower computer, the Sequel Police will only appear after some seconds, giving you enough time to examine the shuttle and to enter the landing gear compartment.
  • The same goes for entering one of the time pods on the Sequel Police dispatch. They will kill you almost immediately after they finished talking. You won't have time to do anything, how frustrating! Normally, you have at least some seconds to move. If you move downwards towards the time pods, the game will give you even more time to solve the puzzle. With a faster machine, you virtually don't have any time at all.
  • On Estros, the timepod of the Sequel Policemen will almost come immediately after you've landed. You will never have the time to "trigger" the pterodactyl to pick you up. And, you just don't have time to walk around and explore the planet... You'll think you are stuck (that is, if you have the time to think that at all, you might be dead already), and will run to the nearest walk through paradise. While in fact, it's a timer related problem.
  • And of course the Skate-O-Rama scene. The Sequel Policemen won't give you any time to make your move.
  • Near the end of the game you're supposed to use the Super Computer to "flush" the droid and the brain icon. When you've flushed the brain icon, the countdown will begin and you're supposed to make your way to Vohaul's room. On today's computers, the countdown will happen so fast that you won't have the chance to leave the room and go back out to the maze.
  • Some animations go too fast, scrolling screens don't look like they are scrolling (because of the speed), the pterodactyl that moves even faster and so on.

Space Quest 5

  • As far as I know, the only timer problem in Space Quest 5 is the EVA scene were you need to rescue Cliffy with the pod. The controls are very hard to handle because the ship moves too fast. Normally, this puzzle is already very hard. Not only is it already fast, but you have little fuel. This puzzle requires some mouse skills, so don't whine if it doesn't work right from the start.
  • I've spotted some small animation problems, most notably the GradeMaster 2000 sequence. Maybe some scrolling screens effects are eliminated by timer problems, but so far I haven't found any.