SCI/KQ5 floppy fix

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There is an English version of KQ5 floppy that crashes during the ending sequence (version 0.000.062).

Here's a link to the relevant post:

The problem with this version is that all of the resource files associated with the game's ending are corrupt, and the game crashes in the original interpreter, too. The file containing all the bad resources is resource.001. In order to fix this, the associated files from the CD version of the game can be used, or from the other floppy version (0.000.051). The following files are all corrupted:

  • pic 217 and 218
  • sound 141, 144, 146, 147, 148
  • view 925, 932, 933, 934, 935, 936

To create patch files, launch the CD version via ScummVM, open the debugger (Control-Shift-D) and use the "diskdump" debug command, like this:

 diskdump XXX YYY 

where XXX is the resource type (pic, sound or view) and YYY the resource number

Then, the patch files from the CD version can be placed in the folder of the floppy version.

The only reason why I have posted these instructions is for people that like subtitles, since the CD version of KQ5 doesn't have any, unfortunately. Plus, it's a way to fix the floppy version for people who have both versions.