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** kPlatform subop 4 is called various times for the icon bar. One call sets up the scripts for the icons, etc.
** kPlatform subop 4 is called various times for the icon bar. One call sets up the scripts for the icons, etc.
== SCI2-SCI2.1 missing features ==
== SCI2-SCI3 missing features ==
=== Graphics ===
==== SCI2.1 ====
* Finish support for Robot (RBT) videos
** Fix sound "hiccups" (most likely because of overlapping sound chunks, or because there's leftover header data left in each chunk)
** Fix scaling (e.g. in the Phantasmagoria logo video)
** Other issues(?)
=== Kernel functions ===
==== SCI2 ====
Implement the following:
* kCantBeHere: Add the SCI32 equivalent
* kSetShowStyle (used for scene transitions)
* kSetScroll
* kEditText
* kPalCycle (might be similar to kPaletteAnimate)
* kDoAudio
** Find out what the 2 extra params are used for in kSciAudioPlay
** Implement subop 10 (was kSciAudioCD) - we need a test case
* kPalVary: find out where subop 8 (and 7, perhaps) is used and what it does
* Finish off kRemapColors (especially subops 3, 4 and 5)
==== SCI2.1 ====
Implement the following:
* Finish off kScrollWindow: used in SQ6 and LSL6 (also exists in Phantasmagoria 1, but it's unused) for the scrolling text windows in the bottom
* kBitmap: Used to preload bitmaps. In SCI3, it's also used to show them (e.g. the popup menus in LSL7)
* kMovePlaneItems - used by SQ6 to scroll through the inventory via the up/down buttons
* Finish off kAddLine, kUpdateLine, kDeleteLine
* kSetPalStyleRange - 2 integer parameters, start and end. All styles from start-end (inclusive) are set to 0
* kMorphOn - used by SQ6, script 900, the datacorder reprogramming puzzle (from room 270)
* kSetHotRectangles - used by Phantasmagoria 1
* Finish off kPlayVMD
* Finish off kRobot
* Add the rest of the kText subops (perhaps kTextColors and kTextFonts)
* Implement the kSave() timer callback subop (case 8). Check for any other missing subops
* Implement kList subops kAddBefore, kMoveToFront, kMoveToEnd
* kGetWindowsOption/kSetWindowsOption (Windows only): check for subops other than 0 (title bar on/off in Phantasmagoria)
* kWinHelp (Windows only): Opens a Windows .hlp file. Currently shows a popup info box specifying the file to open externally
* kDoSoundPlay: find out what the extra integer param is for
=== VM ===
* Future TODO: Merge the SCI0-SCI1.1 and SCI2-SCI2.1 string/array handling code, if possible
== SCI3 missing features ==
'''This list is VERY incomplete, SCI3 support is still in very early stages'''
=== Graphics ===
* Duck video CLUT's (optional)
** Currently can be parsed, but not used
=== Sound ===
=== Kernel Functions ===
Implement the following:
* kPlayDuck
* kMessageBox
* kMinimize
=== VM ===
* Support for scripts larger than 64kb. Previous SCI versions used a 16-bit memory addressing scheme, which has been changed to a 32-bit one in SCI3. There are two ways of doing this: either switch to a 32-bit memory addressing scheme (a fairly big change), or create an overlaying mechanism for such scripts
* Support for Macintosh versions of games
= Known bugs =
= Known bugs =
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* SQ4: During intro - "WARNING: Unhandled SCI MIDI command 0x0 (parameter 0)!"
* SQ4: During intro - "WARNING: Unhandled SCI MIDI command 0x0 (parameter 0)!"
== SCI2-SCI2.1 known bugs ==
== SCI2-SCI3 known bugs ==
'''This list is VERY incomplete, SCI2-SCI2.1 support is still in very early stages'''
* GK1: When leaving Madame Cazanoux's house, Gabriel will walk through the wall to get to the door. Madame Cazanoux walks around the door, however.
* GK1: Save/Restore menus do not work properly.
* GK1: Sometimes sprites are not erased from the screen.
* GK1: In ''very'' rare cases, the background picture is not updated.
** This happened to me twice: Moving from the Gedde tomb left and from the Schloss Ritter bedroom to the hallway.
== SCI3 known bugs ==
'''Support for SCI3 is non-existent'''
* Please check the [https://bugs.scummvm.org/report/12 bug tracker]

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Name SCI Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) SCI Engine Team
Subsystem Engine

Missing features

SCI0-SCI1.1 missing features


  • Voice mapping. This is used by all SCI games to assign hardware voices to midi channels in the AdLib and FB-01 drivers. So, for example, if a song tries to play more than 9 notes at the same time, we need to stop an earlier note. We currently do this round-robin, while we should be respecting voice assignments. If a game sets 3 voices for piano, we should not take one away unless 4 piano notes are played, then it's OK to stop one piano note. Currently if a song were to use 5 notes at once we would just play them all, even if that midi channel was set to use 2 voices, and those 3 extra notes might stop more important notes, e.g. in the melody. This has been implemented for SCI0, but it's not hooked up to AdLib at the moment. Also we're not sure if the initial voice assignments are in the MIDI stream in SCI1 (they're not in SCI0). Of course, channel remapping has an effect on this too
  • Improve Amiga (SCI01/1) and Mac sound support (same format)
  • kDoAudio subops 12 and 13 (used in Freddy Pharkas: subop 12 is called while people are talking and subop 13 is called while the narrator's voice is heard)
  • Adapt the CMS driver to support earlier SCI versions too.
  • MT-32 is only using 10 channels (1-10), but our music code always assumes 16 channels leading to lost notes
  • Rewrite the MIDI parser (which is using ticks) so that it uses byte offsets instead


  • Support for the SCI1 Mac version of kGetEvent
  • Support for the SCI1 Mac version of kNewWindow
  • Support for SCI1.1 partially hardcoded icon bar
    • Images stored in PICT resources (tags: 'IBIN' (not-selected), 'IBIS' (selected), 'PICT' (inventory image))
    • kPlatform subop 4 is called various times for the icon bar. One call sets up the scripts for the icons, etc.

SCI2-SCI3 missing features

  • Support for Macintosh versions of games

Known bugs

SCI0-SCI1.1 known bugs



  • The Tandy/PCjr driver needs more work
  • Castle Dr. Brain: In the programming puzzle room 280 the music is using one bad instrument
  • Castle Dr. Brain: in the first room, some notes aren't played during the memory puzzle
  • KQ5: End credits song is broken (resource 699). we are now filtering out invalid channels, but at the end of the song it plays back garbled somewhat. This video proves that it worked fully in original sci http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GerEZ68YSzc - the resource is uncompressed inside resource.000 right at the end, this is definitely no decompression or resource size error
  • LSL6: when saving when music is fading out (and restoring) the music will stay on that level and keep playing - we should check for fading and modify selectors to the endpoint


  • LSL6: =NOT OUR BUG= sometimes the tram does not stop. This is a game script issue and not an engine one, but we should still figure out what goes wrong and fix it. To make it work -> see SCI bugs
  • PQ2: Room 26 isn't exitable - happens if you warp from inside the car at the start into room 26 - happened to me during the game although I'm not unable to reproduce it anymore. I guess I did something differently last time.
  • QFG1 EGA: when buying something from the shop and the merchant is reading at that time, it will get bought twice
  • QFG1 VGA: ending music isn't played at all. no sound calls are done, so I guess it's VM.

Known Warnings

  • KQ5: Warning - kStrAt with offset 0xFFFF is called when graham gets the staff, also happens when getting the heart in the forest
  • KQ5: Warning - try to peek at 0:0, 0:2 and 0:4 most of the time when dialogue windows appear
  • LSL5: Warning - Invalid character in kReadNumber input (happens right at the start of the game)
  • LSL6: WARNING: Attempt to read character from non-raw data! during end credits
  • PQ2: WARNING: ADLIB: Invalid patch 124 requested!
  • PQ3: During End Sequence, WARNING: kDoSound(setHold): Slot not found (0026:0fc4)! and WARNING: Unhandled SCI MIDI command 0x51 (parameter 1)!
  • QFG1EGA: Invalid adlib patch 1xx used, occurs several times in the game
  • SQ4: During intro - "WARNING: Unhandled SCI MIDI command 0x0 (parameter 0)!"

SCI2-SCI3 known bugs