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The following list is taken from Max's mails to -devel:

  • Fixing all warnings
  • Find usage of SCUMMVM #define and resolve them, then in the end stop adding -DSCUMMVM to CPPFLAGS in
  • Rearranging the files under engines/sci: I.e. get rid of include/ subdir (just move its contents to engines/sci, at some point at least)
  • Converting stuff from "C pseudo classes" to real classes
  • Replacing various generic FreeSCI stuff by their ScummVM counterparts. E.g. don't bother to rewrite engines/sci/include/int_hashmap.h -- instead change code to use a HashMap<int, ...> etc.
  • In fact: Do use File, SearchManager, FSNode etc. instead of paths, fopen, etc.
  • Don't use fstat
  • const correctness in engines/sci/engine/savegame.c (this is a generated file, so change the source or generator, whatever is necessary)
  • apply our code formatting guidelines
  • change the many nice existing function documentation comments to use doxygen syntax
  • Turn code into templates in following files (now they generate code via #defines):
    • gfx/gfx_pixmap_scale.cpp
    • gfx/gfx_line.cpp
    • gfx/gfx_crossblit.cpp
    • gfx/resource/sci_picfill.cpp
    • gfx/resource/sci_picfill_aux.cpp
  • Check old FreeSCI-scummvm branch / repos by Jordi for change that could be salvaged, e.g. the files sfx/device/scumm-midi.cpp and sfx/softseq/scumm-adlib.cpp, or the modifications to the SCI debugger to use the ScummVM console, and stuff.