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Engine Status

Known games that can be completed

  • Hero's Quest (10/24/2009), King's Quest 5 (10/18/2009), King's Quest 6 (10/2009), Larry 1 (01/01/2010), Larry 5 (10/19/2009), Larry 6 (10/2009), Laura Bow 1 Colonel's Bequest (12/28/2009), Space Quest 1 VGA (10/21/2009)

Currently running tests

  • Quest for Glory 1 VGA - [md5], m_kiewitz
  • Quest for Glory 2 - syke


Missing features (SCI0-SCI1.1)

  • SCI1.1 character scaling - assigned to [md5]
  • Palette morphing (kPalVary - used for example in the SQ5 intro) and kAssertPalette - assigned to m_kiewitz
  • Menu mouse interaction - assigned to m_kiewitz
  • MT-32 music driver - assigned to waltervn
  • GM instrument mapping

Current regressions

  • LSL5: Mud wrestling doesnt start anymore, lana thinks that you didnt jump in - worked before


Known bugs

Castle of Dr. Brain

  • computer room - right side puzzle
    • After finishing, a sound is played that contains a digital channel, which has data + 4 != 0
  • computer trivia
    • Scrolling text doesnt work right (seems to be a VM issue)

Conquest of the Longbow

  • In chapter 1, room 110, when Robin meets Little John at the lookout, a signal is sent to a non-object when Little John stops walking. Ignoring this selector modification freezes the screen (VM issue, this room never worked properly even in FreeSCI)

Freddy Pharkas

  • Priority issues (e.g. in the options menu)

Hero's Quest (Quest for Glory 1 EGA)

  • Graphics?!
    • on character customization screen the percentage bar isnt shown


  • Graphics
    • corruption on difficulty setting menu when challenging jones (ega/cd)
    • statistics are broken (list control), dollar amounts missing (ega/cd)
    • speech bubbles are drawn under the faces of people, instead of on top

King's Quest 5

  • Graphic
    • At least in the desert when getting the staff grahams head is where his feet should be and his body is completely gone. Fixes itself as soon as he walks

King's Quest 6

  • Graphics
    • Flickering right in the first room when discovering the chest - caused by 2 lists that are being used on kAnimate, where one contains Alexander - it seems as if the flickering is caused by Alexander not being scaled, so a bigger rect is bitsShow()n. This rect overlaps with the ring animation, that's why it flickers. Should be fixed as soon scaling is implemented.

Larry 1 (Remake)

  • Reason unknown
    • bartender animation when ordering a whiskey and the rat animation in the room with the drunken man are much too fast
  • Graphics (newgui only)
    • doors at the casino wont open. Seems to be an off-by-two error. A workaround is in place till the actual issue is found
  • Remarks
    • Priority issues in bathroom right at the start are also in original interpreter and not caused by us

Larry 5

  • VM
    • one screen nearly at the end with text disappears far too quick
  • Graphics
    • tramps casino: when woman asks about random number, cursor of textedit control is not correctly positioned (i am not able to replicate the issue though there are still problems with textedit control that will get fixed)
    • Window placement is not 100% like sierra sci. it seems this only happens on windows with shadows. In sierra sci shadows are shown so actually the window is moved one up. Under our engine the shadow is not there, because the window is outside screen
  • Remarks
    • during first flight Larry dreams about Patti: she is playing the piano. Strangely this isnt animated, but it is if you save/reload your game. Seems to be a script issue, because original sci does the same thing
    • tramps casino: during mud wrestling the script is using cycle counts. Currently its playable but a bit difficult to do cause its quite fast (not a bug but ffs when changing speed throttler)
    • almost at the end during last flight, one textbox in the patti conversation gets overdrawn with patti. Happens only in german version and I guess this also happens with original interpreter. I am unable to test this easily because I would need to play through the whole game again

Space Quest 1 (Remake, VGA)

  • Graphics
    • Ulence Flats - when entering the ship, another ship appears. We see this ship shortly completely and then it starts appearing, probably related to kAssertPalette()
    • Some effects missing, definitely non-implemented kAssertPalette()/kPalVary (example: when destroying lasers on kerona)

Additional notes

  • Show priority and control map in original interpreter (SCI1/SCI11)
    • search for A9 06 00 74 05 in original interpreter, replace with all 90h (NOP)

Bugs from freesci, probably some of them are already solved

Quest for Glory

  • The FileSelector (SCI) class used in the import screens in QfG2 and QfG3 has a 'text' pointer, and 'cursor' and 'lsTop'/'topString' pointers that should point to inside 'text'. However, in FileSelector::readFiles, 'text' is freed and reallocated, causing the other pointers to sometimes become invalid.


  • The sound of the bow in the opening screen is repeated a number of times
  • After leaving the cave and the conversation that follows, a list is not sane anymore (perhaps it's related to pathfinding? There's a relevant warning just before this occurs)

King's Quest 1

  • After typing a wrong word, the game attempts to open a file with an empty name

Bugs observed from FreeSCI

check here

Codename: Iceman

  • displays the warning "NodeValue() on a NULL pointer attempted" at numerous points during the map table scene

Quest for Glory 1

  • displays the warning "List node at x is not sane anymore" when the dinosaur snaps at you during the intro

Space Quest 3

  • calls functions from a script which has already been unloaded when Roger climbs up the ladder from the rat cave (the place containing the reactor at the very beginning of the game) - NOTE: This should be fixed in ScummVM, to the best of my knowledge


  • calls CanBeHere() with a disposed object in the clip list when Keith enters the car


  • tries to allocate zero bytes of memory when entering Molto Lira.


  • accesses property 0xf02 in a couple of cases


  • calls UnLoad() with only one argument when exiting the Ulence Flats bar


  • will set the speed to maximum if you access the control panel without tweaking the speed slider. Either tweak the speed slider, or use function keys to access the control panel functionality